Group Personal Accident


Accidents do happen! Approximately 11,000 people are killed in road traffic accidents each year, while another 6000 accidental deaths occur at home.  Not to forget the 800,000 violent crimes, assault and rape.  Employers and other institutions could ease the financial burden on staff, members etc caused by these incidences.  Group Personal Accident cover affords compensation for death, permanent disablement, temporary loss of income due to disablement and medical expenses arising from an accident.

Accidents can lead to great financial pressures on individuals and families.

Why take up a group personal accident cover?

  • Eliminate the burden of having all your employees complete detailed proposal forms by just giving generalized information about the group you want to have insured.
  • The employees or proposed insureds do not have to undergo rigorous medical examination before cover commences.
  • Your people/employees are motivated as a GPA policy is a benefit to them.
  • Additional covers including funeral expenses, artificial appliances can be arranged at reasonable costs.
  • A minimum number of 5 employees will be required to effect cover.


Death: The beneficiary will be paid the specified limits or multiples of annual salary incase of the Insured’s death.
Permanent Total Disablement: Total and absolute disablement from engaging in or giving attention to an insured person’s usual occupation.
Temporary Total Disablement: Means disablement wholly preventing an insured person from engaging in or giving attention to usual occupation.
Medical Expenses: Include operation fees, cost of surgical appliances, dental ophthalmic or nursing home charges and travelling expenses including ambulance costs reasonably incurred by the insured as a result of injury.