Private Motor Vehicle Insurance

MAPATO12-300x225[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE

Provides insurance protection against accidental loss or damage to personal private motor vehicles including the standard accessories and spare parts whilst thereon as well as protection against legal liability to third parties.


A          Third Party Only

This is the minimum cover that can be offered and coverage includes:–

Death of/bodily injury to any persons other than employees of insured and members of his own
– Damage to Third Party property arising out of or caused by use of insured’s motor vehicle

B          Third Party, Fire and Theft
– Includes A above
– In addition there is coverage for damage to insured’s motor vehicle arising out of or caused by
fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning, burglary or theft

C          Comprehensive
– Includes A and B
– Also covers loss or damage to motor vehicle caused by or arising out of accidental collision or,
overturning, or collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown, wear or tear

This is normally based on usage and description, the major classes being:
A          Private Car(Class I)
Social use not including use in business apart from commuting to/from work of saloon car, Salesmen’s vehicle are not inclusive

Private Car(Class II)
Inclusive of social and domestic use of saloon cars as well as salesmen vehicles and in connection with insured’s business

B          Commercial Vehicle
This includes pick-ups and lorries used for carrying insured’s own goods and for social domestic and pleasure purposes but not for hire or reward
PS:     Generally speaking, this class of vehicles i.e. all commercial vehicles will not be acceptable for insurance with us. P.S.V. are definitely not insurable with us or tour vehicles

C          Motor Cycles
This class includes any two wheeled vehicle propelled by an engine exceeding 50cc.

a)       Fully completed proposal form
b)       Copy of the log-book
c)       Copy of the proposer’s driving licence
d)       Copy of the vehicles log-book
e)       A letter of no claims discount if applicable
f)       PIN
g)       Evidence of anti-theft device
h)       Current valuation report
i)        Proposer must be at least 25 years old and with a minimum of 2 years accident free driving
j)        Vehicles over 15 years cannot be insured by us even for third party and over 10 years for comprehensive cover
k)       No credit is allowed

Only allowed on production of evidence from previous insurer

Applicable percentages
Private Cars(Comprehensive

  • 1 year claims free driving     Wednesday, February 19, 2014 4:20 PMsp;  – 35%
  • 3 years claims free driving    – 45%
  • 4 years claims free driving    – 60%

Private Cars(Third Party Fire and Theft)

  • 1 or more years claims free driving   – 20%(maximum)

Commercial Vehicles(Third Party Fire , Theft and Comprehensive

  • 1 or more years claims free driving   – 10%(maximum)

Third Party Only(All cases)

  • No NCD is available

Minimum Premium
Please note that minimum premium may apply to reduce discount allowed.  For more information please contact Motor Department or Customer Service Department

Basic Coverage
Accidental Damage
Fire & Theft
Third Party Liability:

  • Increased Third Party Property Damage Limit Kshs.5,000,000
  • Increased Third Party Bodily Injury Limit Kshs.Unlimited
  • Increased Passenger Legal Liability Per Person Limit Kshs.2,500,000,
  • Increased Towing Charges Limit Kshs.30,000
  • Increased Medical Expenses Limit Kshs.20,000
  • Increased Repair Authority Limit Kshs.30,000

Extra Coverage

  • Wind Screen Replacement cost
  • Radio Cassette Player Replacement cost


  • Drive in Claims Service
  • Drive in Valuation Services
  • Automobile Association Membership and annual subscription at 50% of the standard charge

We have various schemes for the above policies and their terms shall be provided by the personal lines department along with the revised rating guidelines for year 2003