Student Personal Accident


Details of cover
This cover is designed for Primary School, Secondary School and University students against the financial consequences of accidents.Why take up the cover?
  • The Institution will be able to handle the financial consequences of a student’s accident.
  • It is handy for the Institution in taking care of emergency accidental situations.
  • The teachers, college heads and even parents have peace of mind while children are on school trips.
  • Very low premiums, friendly to parents’ pockets, are charged.

Benefits Of Cover

Death: Loss of life of a student from an accidental event. Limit: Kshs.100,000/-
Permanent Total Disablement: Total absolute disablement from engaging in giving attention to an insured student’s usual studies.
Medical Expenses: Operation fees, cost of medicine or surgical appliances, dental ophthalmic or nursing home charges, travelling expenses, ambulance costs reasonably incurred by the insured.